5 Juli 2017

Frankie the Dancing Frog

Story by Viona Patricia

“You are special.”

Once upon a time...

There was a thin frog who lives under an apple tree. His name is Frankie. Frankie loves to sing. He sings in the morning, and sings before he sleeps at night. But everybody knows that frogs do not sing. So they don't have good voice like the birds.

One sunny day, Frankie is singing loudly. His voice is harsh. Three yellow birds on the apple tree interrupt, "Hey, please stop your singing, Frankie. It's our part to sing in the morning." So the yellow birds do what they like to do every morning. They sing, and their voices are so clear and beautiful. Frankie feels so sad. "I wish I had voice like the birds." Frankie wishes in his heart.

At noon, after his lunch time, Frankie plays in the pond near the apple tree. In the pond, he sees a beautiful swan. She is passing by and dancing beautifully. She spreads her white feathered wings. The sun is shining over her gracious dancing. Frankie looks at her in awe and says, "I wish I could dance so beautifully, like the swan."

So Frankie tries his move, he spreads his tiny long arms, he twirls around with his long legs, and he trips his own pace. Oh! He cannot dance like the swan. Frankie feels so embarrassed, and so sad.
"Why can't I be like the birds who sing so beautifully? Why can't I be like the swan who dance so graciously?"

Frankie asks himself as he watches his reflection on the water. He begins to cry.
"Why am I a frog?" Frankie sobs. He was sulked in tears.
"Don't cry, Frankie. Maybe you should practice more." says Bubu the Butterfly.
"Or maybe you can ask the birds and the swan to teach you." says Bobby the Bee.
"I'll try." Frankie smiles.

The next morning, Frankie asks the yellow birds on the apple tree. "Please teach me to sing, little birdie." 
"Okay. We can teach you." the oldest yellow bird says.
"Oh happy daaayy... Oh happy daaayyy..." sing the birds.

"Ooooh happy daaayy... Oh haaaapyy dayyy..." imitates Frankie, trying to sound like the birds. But the birds laugh at his voice, because his singing sound like somebody has caught flu.

So, the birds say, "You cannot sing like us, Frankie. You're a frog. A frog doesn't sing."
Frankie feels sad again. He gives up singing. But he still can do dance like the swan. So he comes to the pond and asks for the swan to teach him how to move like her.
"Please, teach me how to dance like you do." Frankie asks the swan, as she passes by.

"Well, it's easy, you just have to spread your wings like this," the swan shows her move, "...and twirl your body slowly."

Frankie tries the move. He spreads his thin arms, and twirls around slowly. But again, he loses his balance and trips himself. Frankie falls into the water, and hears the swan laugh at him.

"I am a swan, I am created to dance like this. But you are a frog, Frankie. You aren't supposed to do my moves." says the swan, chuckling.

Frankie feels so sad. He begins to think he cannot do anything. He cannot sing, nor dance. He is a frog, not a bird or a swan! Frankie sobs, and decides to return home.
Now in the small living room under the apple tree, Frankie sits on a stool. He asks himself, "What can I do?"

"Why are you so sad?" A voice so calm comes from near where Frankie sits. 
Frankie replies, "Who are you? Where are you?"
"I'm here." comes the sound from the fallen leaves near Frankie. "I'm Willie the Silk Worm."

"Oh, hello, Willie. I'm Frankie. Nice to meet you." Frankie tries to see Willie. Willie is small and green. Yet, his face looks smart. He is a silk worm. A silk worm can make very soft clothes.

"Why are you sad, Frankie?" asks Willie the Silk Worm.

"Because I cannot sing like the birds, I cannot dance like the beautiful swan." replies Frankie, sobbing. "I think I can't do anything."

"Look at me. I'm small, and I cannot move like the swan moves. But I am not sad. Because I can do something good. I produce good clothing. Listen, Frankie. Every creature is unique. You are a frog, and you are unique because you do what frogs do. Do what you can do, Frankie."

"What I can do? Hmmm..." Frankie thinks hard. He walks around his chair.

"Ouch!" Frankie suddenly stomps on a piece of wood and stumbles. "Whoaa..." Frankie shrieks, keeping his balance. 


"Hey, this wood sounds!" Frankie shouts excitedly.


"Hey, this is fun!" Frankie stomps his feet on the wood, again and again.

*tapping dance music*

"Look, this thing sounds very cool!" Frankie shouts, moving his legs and body so happily. Sweat is all over his body. He enjoys his new activity so much.

"Ah, you're doing tap dancing! Now you know what you can do, Frankie!" Willie says, clapping his hands!

"Ha! This is fun! Now I know what I can do!" Frankie is so much thrilled. He wants to show his moves to his friends; the swan, three yellow birds, Bubu the butterfly, and Bubba the bee.

So he steps out of his living room, with a long black hat on his head, and shiny black shoes on his legs, Frankie brings the piece of wood to the lakeside, and begins to perform.

"Ladies and gentlemen, here comes, Frankie the Dancing Frog!" Willie announces merrily.


The swan, Bubba the Bee, and Bubu the butterfly joins the show, they're dancing with Frankie. While three yellow birds do the singing. What an exciting performance! Frankie's friends are enjoying it!

"I don't have to be a bird or a swan to make people smile. I can do my dance! Tap dancing!"


Clapping hands are heard everywhere. Now the animals in the forest are gathering around Frankie and everybody loves Frankie's dance! Then, Frankie ends his dance with a bow. He takes his hat off, and bend his back.

Now Frankie understands, he doesn't need to be a bird or a swan, because he is special in his way.


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  1. Hai Mbak Dian, apa kabar? Aku srg berkunjung ke blognya ini, cari2 ide menggambar juga. Kmrn sempat stuck idenya, pengen ngambar yg lain lagi. Slma ini, gambarku orang terus. Tiap mencoba gambar hewan, pasti ujung2nya balik ke orang lagi, hm...
    Aku krg pandai mengambar digital, apa krn mouse nya licin atau apakah. Rasanya kaku saja, begitu.
    Gambar mbak Dian semuanya bagus. Mona.

  2. Tadinya pertama Lianty kira ini gambar kakak seperti biasanya.. tapi setelah Lianty baca ternyata ada ceritanya >< wah.. cerita yg ilustrasinya oleh kak Dian >< suka sekali~! Kalau dijadikan minibook pasti lucu nih kak :D

    Oh ya kak... kartu pos kakak sudah Lianty terima beberapa hari yang lalu. Terima kasih banyak ya kak *_*

  3. Mbak, aku beli color wizz lg. Di pku mmg banyak, harga pabrik. Jauuuhh lbh murah dibandingkan toko.
    Produksi Balirite, pabrik lokal. Kualitas tak kalah merk lain. Hanya sj, tak ada versi watercolor pensil spt merk lain. Mona. (lg di pku)